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Empowering individuals to cultivate their strengths to work hand in hand in a global society



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Our Education

  •  Our curriculum  follows an international curriculum and draws on the principles of the Holistic, collaborative, and integrated approach. We also add our unique touch of utilizing history, local resources, and innovations for the future, to inspire students to see their significance in the world. We focus on the individuality of each child as they are the center of their own learning experience. Children’s agency is respected as they are empowered to take an active role in co-designing the curriculum.

  •  Our values  of intelligence, courage, and virtue support our philosophy of love, encouragement and respect, which we do with and for the children, staff, and families. It is important that each child feels secure, appreciated, and confident to ask questions, explore, and take calculated risks. By the way we simply look and listen, we can positively influence a child’s whole personality. In all we do, we continuously check to make sure we do what’s best for every child.

  •  At AIIS  children’s authentic lives and experiences are treated as part of the lived curriculum. We believe that the daily routines and rituals, the creative and kid-friendly environment, and the simple caregiving moments are equal opportunities for learning about self and others.

  • We strive to make  our environment  a warm, happy and thriving place for all.


Early Years Program

(3Years - 5 Years)

Welcome to our Early Years program, where we ignite the spark of curiosity in your child and lay the foundations for a lifelong love of learning. In our safe and stimulating kindergarten environment, we provide a nurturing space where children grow, explore, and develop. The majority of our instruction is conducted in English but with Japanese and English support.

Our approach is firmly rooted in the latest research, emphasizing inquiry-based learning and a focus on the whole child. We understand that these early years are crucial in shaping a child's perspective and fostering a sense of wonder. Through our framework, we encourage exploration, creativity, and critical thinking, all while developing essential social and emotional skills. All our children are developmentally put into age appropriate classes with progression of their social development and academic learning.​

  •  The Adventurer's (3 year olds) , focus on their social emotional learning through arts and aesthetic design in a play-based environment.

  •  The Discoverer's (4 year olds) , develop their pre-literacy skills and concepts whilst also staying in our play-based environment. We provide a framework and sequence for children to progress at their own pace and developmental level and lays the foundation on which literacy begins. Research identifies that the most prerequisite skills for learning to read are phonological awareness and developing oral language skills. A focus on these two skillsets ensures that the basic building blocks of literacy is a strong foundation for life-long learners.

  •  The Pioneer's (5 year olds) ,continue to work with their social emotional learning while adding practical experience with writing, reading and the scientific method.​

Our educators are dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere, allowing your child to flourish academically and socially. With a  STEAM-focused curriculum , your little one will delve into science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, providing a well-rounded and future-ready education.

Join us at our Early Years Program and watch as your child embarks on a journey of discovery, laying the groundwork for a bright future filled with knowledge, passion, and a love for learning.

Nurturing Curiosity and Building Foundations 


Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most significant decisions a parent can make, and at AIIS, we offer compelling reasons why we should be your choice. Our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals is evident in every aspect of our educational approach.

At AIIS, we provide:

  1.  Personalized Learning : Our focus on personalized education means your child will receive individualized support and tailored learning experiences, ensuring their unique potential is realized.

  2.  Global Perspective : We instill in our students a global outlook, encouraging empathy and cultural awareness, preparing them for an interconnected world.

  3.  Inquiry and Critical Thinking : AIIS fosters a love for learning by promoting curiosity and critical thinking, equipping your child with essential problem-solving skills.

  4.  Learning Community : We recognize that education is a partnership. By collaborating with parents and the community, we create an environment where your child can thrive.

By choosing AIIS, you're investing in a bright and well-rounded future for your child. Our commitment to nurturing their potential, fostering global citizenship, and promoting a love for learning makes us the ideal choice for parents seeking the best education for their children.

A Wise Decision for Your Child's Future

Choosing AIIS

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Our after-school program  encompass a broad range of focus areas including  academic support , mentoring, positive youth development, arts, sports and recreation , media and technology,  language development  and guest lectures from experts in their fields.

Lessons that promotes skills such as programming and engineering, communication and self expression, and problem solving.

Students learn to collaborate together to work on projects and activities building their social development and communication skills.
Through fun and engaging activities can enjoy an international environment.

After School Program

(3-12 years old)

Exploring, Growing, Excelling

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