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Empowering individuals to cultivate their strengths to work hand in hand in a global society



Our School

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School History

Our school facility offers exceptional convenience as it is seamlessly integrated within our office building. This unique arrangement ensures a smooth transition for both students and parents, making daily routines more efficient and hassle-free. With easy access to a wide range of amenities and services, we provide an environment that caters to the diverse needs of our school community while enhancing the overall learning experience.

AIIS building from outside


Awaji Island International School

3 kids holding hands and smiling

Ms. Shidehara Miya

Head of School

Teacher smiling and holding a pen

Ms. Teresa Beirne

Vice Head of School

Teacher smiling and holding a pen

Ms. Leah Turner

Program Coordinator

Teacher smiling and holding a pen


After School 

Our after school program with a wide range of activities offered daily, our after school program is taught by a team of experts.
Lessons that promotes skills such as programming and engineering, communication and self expression, and problem solving.
Students learn to collaborate together to work on projects and activities building their social development and communication skills.
Through fun and engaging activities can enjoy an international environment.

Early Years

Starting from 3 years of age our students engage in a emotional social learning environment that is taught in both English and Japanese.
From an early age we promote independent thinking and problem solving through STEAM and holisitc play-based learning.
Sustainability and a love of nature are an essential part of our educational philosophy, which is why we empower students at an
early age to learn about the world and have a clear investment in a better tomorrow.

Children sitting in a classroom
Children playing in the playground



Empowering our students to be world adventurers, discoverers, and pioneers, we emphasize a student-centered, inquiry-based, holistic approach to learning, in order to nurture responsible world citizens, who contribute to a better tomorrow. 

• Follows an international primary curriculum with influence from top international programs. 

• Co-ed classrooms for each age group (3-6) 

• Teaches developmentally appropriate levels of instruction with differentiation for each child’s individual, social and developmental needs. 

• Utilizes play-based, project-based, and STEAM learning approaches. 

• Main academic language of instruction in English with language support 

• Encourages multi-languages 

• Creative exploration and showcasing through media, technology, visual and performing arts, physical activity and education 

• Field trips, guest expertise, and relevant experiences to enhance learning 

• Collaboration of set goals and standards with a sequence of planned experiences, where students learn, practice, apply and achieve.

Kid sitting and raising his hand on a desk with a book in front of him
Kid writing with a pen and smiling
Kid is making google with his hands

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One of a kind designs

Classroom A

School Layout

Our Facilities

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